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How a young boy started a biodegradable straw revolution!

Milo Cress, at the age of 9, apparently started the “ban the plastic straw” trend. At lunch with his Mom, Odale Cress, at a neighborhood Café, he noticed that everyone who ordered a drink at Leunig’s Bistro was automatically provided with a straw; Milo observed that many straws were unused by the restaurant’s patrons, and thought it was a waste. He approached the owner and asked if they would be willing to help reduce waste by first asking his patrons if they wanted a straw for their drink. The request became a movement with the start of Milo’s organization “Be Straw Free.”

500 million plastic straws are used every day in the United States. The impact children are having on major companies is significant, in May of 2018 a Girl Scout convinced Alaska Airlines to give up plastic straws. Bon Appétit, just announced it’s getting rid of plastic straws in all of its 1,000 cafes across 22 states. Starbucks announced it will eliminate plastic straws from all its stores by 2020. Disney starting banning straws in July 2018. Marriott International, Hyatt and Hilton Hotels announced plans to remove plastic straws. And, American Airlines will eliminate plastic straws from its lounges and flights.

Silliness – you would think, but perhaps some don’t realize that there are priorities in the world. Take San Francisco for example where … “You can be arrested for using a plastic straw in San Francisco. But it’s perfectly legal for you to take a **** on the sidewalk.” Comment made by Neal Boortz @ Talkmaster

Undeniably, earth and sea pollution are major problems. Along with the pollution problem is the fact that many companies will go out of business and many jobs will be lost unless plastics companies find solutions or alternatives to using plastic material. Plastico, a leading manufacturer of plastic tableware in the UK, started selling straws made from alternative materials, and Drinkstuff, a catering equipment retailer, saw a greater demand for environmentally friendly straws.


In 2010, Lauren Gropper, founder and CEO of Repurpose, along with a group of eco-entrepreneurs founded Repurpose Compostables with a mission to impact the environment by reducing the amount of plastics and offering guilt-free alternatives. Gropper said, “we were so inspired by the communities all over the world that are coming together to ban non-recyclable and non-compostable plastic drinking straws.”

To accomplish their mission, Repurpose launched the first flexible, single-use 100% Compostable Straws. These bendy straws are strong and durable, so they won’t crack mid-sip. The upcycled straws are also BPA-free, chlorine-free, nontoxic making them a smarter and better choice for you—and for the environment.

Unlike traditional plastic drinking straws which cannot even be recycled, Repurpose’s straws are made from certified compostable materials. The new straws break down in an industrial composter in just 180 days, as do Repurpose’s single-use cups, plates, bowls and utensils. Fewer fossil resources are required to produce Repurpose’s straws than conventional straws, further lowering their overall carbon footprint. Plus, they are sold in packaging that itself is made of 85% recycled materials.

Repurpose products are all naturally-derived, 100% compostable materials that are non-toxic; they are made from a blend of beets and corn.


Health Smart Mall had the opportunity to test the REPURPOSE straws, and they are exactly as promised. They bend, don’t break and look just like any other straw, except that they are 100% compostable. We give them 5 ***** Stars.

HSM supports Repurpose’s Mission and we encourage everyone interested in reducing our planet’s pollution to only purchase eco-friendly products.

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