CANNABITOL® Full Spectrum Hemp Oil begins with proprietary hemp plants grown exclusively in Hempland’s network of licensed green houses and farms right here in the USA. Careful attention is given to every stage of cultivation. Once harvested, our raw material is then subjected to further quality testing before it is dried and sent to our super critical CO2 extraction facility.

By using super critical CO2 extraction we preserve the natural constituents, that should be present for hemp oil to work as nature intended.

CO2 is a natural molecule found abundantly in our environment. Super critical CO2 extraction means no harsh chemicals and no residual solvents.

CO2 super critical extraction is safe and non polluting.

After our hemp oil is extracted it is again rigorously tested for pesticides, herbicides, fungi, mold, heavy metals and mycotoxins, it is then blended with hemp oil extract with organic cold pressed hemp seed oil, and it becomes CANNABITOL®.

CANNABITOL® is a robust true full-spectrum hemp oil that utilizes all of hemp’s incredible health supporting constituents. Finally we bottle CANNABITOL at our state of the art GMP facility.