Hemp oil CBD
teaches us how to be free and healthy

The industrial revolution changed everything in the way we lived our lives, from our medicine to our agriculture. But the industrial revolution was just the start. Now, we have a new challenge, and a new revolution.

The challenge is, how do we deal with the consequences of our actions? For that, we look towards a sustainable future, both in production and consumption. And just like the industrial revolution transformed the world, so will the green revolution.

Here at Endoca, we’ve been onboard for a sustainable revolution since day one. We’re not interested in the unsustainable processes of the past. Rather, we want to push forward towards a 100% sustainable future.

As it stands now, our hemp plants are already 100% organic, eschewing any genetically modified products or unnatural chemicals. We have also started to move towards our goal of sustainability: we have already implemented the process of capturing ambient CO2 particles and recycling them into an all-natural plant wash. CO2 washing is a relatively new technology, but we’ve embraced it both for its efficacy and for its total lack of pollutants. Our plants only interact with the organic and sustainable to produce the highest CBD hemp oil.

And that goes for the whole process, not just the growing. From the seeds going into the dirt to the final packaged product, we stick to our guns. Cutting corners in organic production may save a little bit of money and a little bit of time, but at the end of the day, it’s self-defeating. Why destroy a good, organic start just to use caustic chemicals and artificial fillers at the end?

We are dedicated to producing a fully organic product. And, for example, if you’re taking cannabidiol extract ( CBD ) for medical purposes, the last thing you want to do is put unneccessary chemicals into your body

to sleep, eat, relax and forget!