There has been a lot of excitement in recent years about Stem Cells.  It was once hoped that they would be injected into an injured area and immediately change into cells that would replace the injured tissue.  The problem, however, is that they don’t like to be told what to do and they don’t like to stay where you put them.  Stem Cells literally move on within days and are gone within a week or two.   Furthermore, they do not change into new cells to replace the ones you have lost.  Sad, yes, but true.  The fantastic effects that are seen with Stem Cell therapy are obtained from a derivative of Stem Cells called Exosomes. Exosomes are produced by Stem Cells.  They are packets of healing information that Stem Cells produce before moving on to other areas of the body.

 Exosomes provide tools to the existing cells, tell them what needs to be done and how to improve the process to make these tools better. Thanks to recent advanced discoveries in biochemistry, we can now harvest Exosomes in a laboratory and inject them straight into your joint to start repairing the damage that the enzymes have done.  This is far less expensive than the damage done by Ibuprofen, cortisone, and surgery; and lasts longer than any hyaluronic acid lubricant injection.

You are most likely an active person who has a lot to do in life.  Pain is likely your biggest inhibitor and, if you’re like most patients who have gone into a physician’s office, you were likely told to wait until the pain is so bad that you are ready for the savagery of joint replacement surgery.  But if you were to hear that there is a less expensive way to save your joint and get your life back, would you be willing to challenge the current medical paradigm? 

Join is at 3D Integrated Medical to look into the future and bringing the future home to you.  Exosomes and A2M are the top of the line joint saving therapies that are blowing the doors open at the old school. 

Visit and check out the schedule for our upcoming lectures on this exciting topic. Dr. Edward Traum will be happy to answer all your questions about how this works and how you can save money in the process.

You’ve been invited to change your life.  Now all you need to do is join the party.


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