Eliminate excruciating kidney pain for good with this all-in-one stone-crushing cure.

KGP Flush brand new formula’s main ingredient is Chanca Piedra (a Peruvian herb which literally means stone-breaker). The herb can effectively destroy kidney stones by breaking them into smaller pieces, making them easier to pass..

The KGP Flush kidney formula also performs 6 essential functions: 1) diuretic, 2) antiseptic, 3) anti-hepatotoxic and anti-nephrotoxic (liver and kidney cleansing), 4) soothing to urinary tract tissue, 5) anti-inflammatory, and 6) stimulates renal tissue.

In addition, KGP Flush includes 13 other ingredients to help influence the health of your kidneys.


I have personally been using this product for years and love it. As an athlete and personal trainer I’m used to a lot of protein powder in the past and beating up my kidneys a little bit over the years. I’ve used this product many times to help clean out the sand & debris that accumulate in the kidneys over time, as they act like the bodies filters. One of the ingredients in the formula is “chanca piedra” which means stone breaker in spanish and actually dissolves the stones in your kidneys.My wife has had problems with kidney stones so badly, she was in sitting in the emergency room waiting to be admitted. An hour after drinking the KGP Flush the pain was gone and we left, and haven’t been back. She continues to do it quarterly as maintenance. This product really works. Robert Winthrop

After having surgery to blast my huge kidney stones in 2013, (one was 11mm, the size of a marble and several smaller ones), I have been controlling my kidney stone problem with a mixture of 2TBS Braggs apple cider vinegar and 1/2tsp non-aluminum baking soda both dissolved in a glass of water whenever I feel the lower back pain and twinges in my side. I will take this mixture several times a day and it usually has me symptom free in a few days. Then, If it gets really bad, I use this product and it will dissolve the bothersome stone within a few days. You do need to drink 2-4 full droppers full in a little juice to mask the taste, at least twice a day for several days. But it definitely works! Have shared the baking soda and ATV drink recipe with several other friends who suffer with kidney stones and they all swear by it, as well as this product! Another thing that helps me is to drink green tea with dandelion root tea mixed in at least a couple of times a week. Debra K. Jones

Important information

Safety Information – The diuretic effects of this kidney formula may enhance the toxic effects of certain medications, such as digoxin (used for congestive heart failure), phenytoin (for seizures), anticoagulants, and others. For this reason, people taking prescription medications should not use a kidney flush formula like this without first consulting a health care provider. Also, anyone with severe liver, gallbladder, or kidney problems should not use this formula without first consulting their physician.

Indications – Nutritional support for people looking to optimize kidney, gallbladder, liver, or pancreas function.

Legal Disclaimer – Neither the ingredients nor the product discussed on this page are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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