Pure Organic Hemp Oil Extract Tincture 2 oz. (300mg) – Pain Relief: Calming and Healing for Pets – Soothing for Joints. Relieve Anxiety, Reduce Seizures, and Improve Health Naturally

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EXPERIENCE THE NATURAL MIRACLE OF PURE HEMP OIL EXTRACT! It has been shown to bring overall balance to the health of your pet. Whether the imbalance is mental, physical or associated with their immune system, Hemp Oil Extract will help bring them back to equilibrium. Imagine your dog or cat pain free and happy. Ease their anxieties and pain with an organic omega-rich extract.
WHY IS OUR PRODUCT BETTER? It is more pure and powerful. European Hemp Oil extract, grown in high quality organic soil–free of GMO and pesticide contamination, is better than USA grown. Be aware, all Hemp Oil Extract is not created equal. We produce each small batch in the USA in FDA registered facilities. Unlike many others we test each individual batch for potency and purity, so you know that you are actually getting the highest quality, most effective Hemp Oil Extract available.
WHY IS OUR HEMP OIL TINCTURE EFFECTIVE IN PAIN MANAGEMENT? Because it increases endocannabinoids and decreases inflammation, which helps reduce pain, increase happiness and creates overall balance within key functions of the body.

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