What in the World is Belly Button Healing?


I have a belly button! The only person I know that didn’t have one was my ex-husband. Kinda makes him sound like someone from outer space, but actually he had his belly button removed due to hernia surgery.

So when I met with Sohyung LF Lim and Kay, two beautiful South Korean gals, who own a company called “Change Your Energy,” and sell the most remarkable products from So. Korea, they introduced me to the Belly Button Healing Life Wand. I was asked to use the wand while walking, as they took me on a tour of their warehouse.

Taking the wand in my hands, I placed the most comfortable end (there are different end sizes, to fit different size belly buttons) next to my belly button and with gentle pressure pumped the healing life wand in and out of my abdomen at the point of my belly button. Although only doing this for about 5 minutes I could feel the difference in my tummy. I was so impressed that I told Sohyung and Kay that I’d like to join their affiliate program.

I’ve since learned an awful lot about this inexpensive, simple, but extraordinary and effective method of healing.


  • Andrew – Lower back pain relieved
  • Diana – Regulated her insomnia for deeper sleep
  • Aurora – Lost inches in her waist
  • Christian – Relieved Candida and digestion issues
  • Edward – Sciatica pain relieved
  • Christine – Full body pain relief and relaxation
  • Hillary – Improved circulation and digestion

Belly button healing is the non drug way to get a healthy gut, improve your circulation, stimulate your intestines, relieves constipation and bowel function, and much more… the simple and easy way to a healthy body.





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